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Introducing the StealthStation™ S8 system by Medtronic, a sophisticated surgical navigation tool designed for precision in spinal procedures. This system grants surgeons clear visualization and seamless navigation across the entire spine spectrum, from single-level degenerative to complex deformity corrections. Compatible with an extensive array of Medtronic navigated spinal instruments and implants, it offers a comprehensive procedural solution, ensuring a streamlined surgical workflow.

The StealthStation™ S8 empowers surgeons to visualize the distinct spinal anatomy of each patient, providing the flexibility to select from a diverse range of spinal instruments and implants tailored to specific procedures. With integration capabilities for over 200 Stealth-navigated instruments and implants, including percutaneous access needles and high-speed drills, the system offers unprecedented control. During surgeries, trajectory projections can be pre-set, instrument transparency adjusted for optimal visualization, and implants selected with ease, thanks to on-screen tool card controls.

The system's compatibility with various intraoperative imaging devices and implant therapies brings additional advantages to the operating room. Surgeons can meticulously plan incisions, access points, osteotomies, and implant trajectories intraoperatively. The StealthStation S8 Spine Solution ensures precise instrument and implant tracking, enhancing procedural consistency and speed. Moreover, its seamless integration with the O-arm imaging system provides confirmation of implant placement and automatic patient registration, minimizing radiation exposure. With a user-centric interface and a versatile portfolio, the StealthStation S8 system stands as a valuable asset for hospitals with diverse spine surgical needs.


  • Single-Level Degenerative Procedures This encompasses surgeries aimed at addressing issues related to degenerative changes in a single level of the spine. It could involve procedures like discectomies, laminectomies, or foraminotomies.
  • Deformity Correction The system is valuable in complex procedures where the spine's natural alignment needs to be restored. This may involve techniques like spinal fusion, osteotomies, and instrumentation placement.
  • Lateral Access Procedures For surgeries that require lateral access to the spine, the StealthStation S8 provides real-time 3-D visualization, reducing the time required for patient positioning.
  • Cervical Procedures This involves surgeries focused on the cervical spine, which can include procedures like cervical discectomies and fusions.
  • Iliac Procedures These involve surgical interventions in the region of the ilium, which is part of the pelvic bone. This might include procedures related to the sacrum or sacroiliac joint.
  • Percutaneous Procedures The system is useful for minimally invasive techniques where instruments are inserted through small incisions. Virtual projections replace the need for costly guidewires.
  • Complex Anatomy Cases It aids in navigating through challenging anatomical structures such as the sacral ala, thoracic pedicles, deformed vertebrae, and the posterior cervical spine.
  • Complex Revision Cases In situations where traditional landmarks have been altered or removed, the StealthStation S8 provides referencing designed specifically for revision surgeries.
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