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The Basics

The Neuromate® robotic system, manufactured by Renishaw, introduces a realm of innovation and efficiency in the field of neurosurgery. The system offers the potential for novel and productive methodologies to be developed. But what precisely is the scope of applications for the Neuromate robot in neurosurgery?

The Neuromate stereotactic robot serves as a versatile platform, catering to an extensive array of functional neurosurgical procedures. It has found extensive application in numerous electrode implantation procedures for deep brain stimulation (DBS) and stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG). Moreover, it has been successfully employed in neuroendoscopy, biopsy, and various research applications.

Advantages of Robotic Neurosurgery

Marked by its precision, the Neuromate robot guarantees consistent, swift, and accurate targeting in stereotactic procedures. Its reputation is evident in its routine utilization across operational centers, where it stands as a fundamental component of functional and stereotactic processes. The Neuromate robot adapts seamlessly to both frame-based and frameless modes, minimizing patient trauma. It is compatible with procedures utilizing both general and local anesthesia.

Accessories and Options

The Neuromate stereotactic surgical robot presents a diverse range of options, including head holders, CT image localizers, frame attachments, remote controls, and software. These options form an integral part of the Neuromate system, providing a comprehensive toolkit for surgical procedures.

The Stereotactic Workflow

Visualize a SEEG procedure guided by the Neuromate stereotactic robot. This transformative technology redefines the approach to electrode insertion, significantly enhancing speed and accuracy compared to conventional methods. The Neuromate's capacity to chart new trajectories, previously deemed unattainable, enhances surgical safety and precision.


Customization Options

Delve into a world of customization through an expansive selection of options tailored for the Neuromate stereotactic surgical robot. Discover the versatile landscape, including head holders, CT image localizers, frame attachments, remote controls, and software.

Inherent Components of the Neuromate System

  1. Standard Tool Holder: A universal guide for neurosurgical instruments like drills, biopsy needles, and catheters.

  2. Laser Tool Holder: Essential for patient registration and entry point marking on the patient's head prior to surgery.

  3. Remote Control: Enhancing safety by granting control to the user. Empowers endoscopic navigation within pre-defined volumes.

  4. Planning Software: Seamlessly controls the Neuromate robot during surgery and facilitates neurosurgical planning.

Frameless and Frame-Based Options

Frameless Option: Neurolocate™ Registration

Connect the neurolocate patient registration module to the Neuromate laser tool for X-ray/CT registration without fiducials.

Ultrasound Registration

Register patients with ultrasound technology on the surgery day, eliminating the need for additional imaging equipment.

Head Holder and Attachments

Comprising a half-ring, six pins, and a clip, this system secures the head holder to the Neuromate's base.

Frame-Based Option: Frame Attachment

Designed to integrate an existing stereotactic frame seamlessly with the Neuromate system.

Ensuring Sterility: Consumables

Sterile Drapes

Maintain a sterile environment with surgical drapes available for both the remote control and the robotic arm.

Endoscopic Options

Endoscopic Module

Tailored instrument holder for various endoscopes. Precise robotic arm movements guided by the remote control, ensuring cerebral tissue safety.

As the landscape of neurosurgical technology evolves, Renishaw's engineering team stands ready to collaborate, integrating new technologies into Neuromate surgical procedures.

In the realm of neurosurgery, the Neuromate system beckons the adoption of precision, innovation, and excellence. Discover a world where technology meets the human touch, forging paths that redefine the boundaries of possibility.

Source: Renishaw

  • Electrode Implantation for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS
  • Stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG)
  • Neuroendoscopy
  • Biopsy
  • Functional Neurosurgery
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