da Vinci X / Xi Endoscope Repair


Need your da Vinci X or Xi endoscope repaired? Send it to us for professional diagnosis and repair. We accept broken, non-functional and malfunctioning endoscopes for the X and Xi robot models.

Endoscope Models We Repair:

  • REF: 470026 - 8mm, 0-Degree
  • REF: 470027 - 8mm, 30-Degree
  • REF: 470056 - 8mm, 0-Degree
  • REF: 470057 - 8MM, 30-Degree

Send us an email at sales@r2surgical.com and please include pictures of your da Vinci endoscope.

Should your endoscope be non-repairable, we have a buyback program and can offer money for your broken da Vinci X or Xi endoscope.

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