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da Vinci Instruments

R2 Surgical is a leading provider of used da Vinci robots and specialized da Vinci instruments, offering a range of meticulously refurbished products to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare sector. Our inventory includes essential tools like the monopolar curved scissors, large needle driver, and Maryland bipolar forceps, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, R2 Surgical proudly introduces our Green Program, which accepts donations of expired instruments, promoting an eco-friendly approach to the lifecycle of used surgical robots. Trust R2 Surgical for your needs in acquiring and recycling used da Vinci robotic instruments, where quality meets sustainability.

da Vinci instruments we purchase

  • Monopolar Curved Scissors
  • Large Needle Driver
  • Maryland Bipolar Forceps
  • ProGrasp Forceps
  • Fenestrated Bipolar Forceps
  • Permanent Cautery Hook

Is R2 Surgical able to clean sweep my whole lot of instruments?

Yes. Give us a call and we'll be happy to offer a quote.

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