Sell Your da Vinci Robot

WE WANT TO BUY YOUR used da Vinci Robot! R2 Surgical will buy any used Intuitive Surgical Robot including all of your new and used instruments, endoscopes, disposables, and accessories.

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da Vinci Models we Purchase

  • da Vinci Xi
  • da Vinci X
  • da Vinci SP
  • da Vinci Si, 4-Arm
  • da Vinci Si-e, 3-Arm
  • da Vinci S

How Can I Get The Best Price For My Used Robot?

To get the best price for your robot, there are some factors to consider. Basically, the newer it is, the more features it has and the inventory that's included with it will be the most significant determinants in calculating value.

  • Model - Some models are in more demand than others. The da Vinci Xi is newer and therefore worth more than the older da Vinci Si or even the S model.
  • Features - Not all da Vinci robots of the same model are created equally. Some have more technology that allow for expanded surgical procedures. For example, does your robot have Firefly Fluorescence Imaging? Or perhaps it has the E-100 Generator to allow for the use of the Intuitive Surgical SynchroSeal instruments? These are some of the features that would increase the value of your robot.
  • Year of Manufacture - The newer your robot is, the more value it is likely to have.
  • Need of Repair? - Is your da Vinci fully functional or are does it have damage that needs repair? The biggest consideration here is if certain equipment or functionality doesn't work. The more functional issues your da Vinci robot has, the lower the quote we will be able to offer.
  • Inventory Included - You probably have both new and used instruments and disposables in stock, right? Well, don't throw those away! We will accept all new, used and even expired instruments, drapes, and other disposables. 


Be Careful Transporting Your Robot!

If you're looking to get the most money for your used da Vinci robot, BE VERY CAREFUL moving it around. We often see damage resulting from improper packing and transportation. Our Advice? Do not move it to another building before you talk with us. There are little things you can do to protect the sensitive parts on each console that will save you BIG money. Not doing these things may cost you dearly. Call us to understand more - +1 (517) 605-2693