Curexo CUVIS-Spine surgical robot


Key features

  • Advanced Navigation Technology
    CUVIS-Spine utilizes high-precision robotic-arm technology, ensuring accurate placement of pedicle screws in spinal surgery.
  • Force Navigation System
    Provides real-time feedback on the magnitude and direction of forces applied during surgery, enhancing surgical precision and safety.
  • C-arm and O-arm Planning
    Features innovative image processing algorithms that reduce the need for extensive imaging, thus minimizing radiation exposure to both patients and medical staff.
  • Real-time Patient Position Monitoring
    This feature allows for adjustments during surgery based on the patient's live positional data, ensuring optimal alignment and placement of surgical tools.
  • Percutaneous and Open Surgery Options
    CUVIS-Spine supports both minimally invasive and open surgical approaches, offering flexibility depending on surgical needs and patient conditions.
The Curexo CUVIS-Spine surgical robot is employed in modern spinal surgeries to enhance precision and safety. This system is distinguished by its advanced navigation technology and the integration of a force navigation system that informs surgeons of the real-time forces applied, preventing errors and enhancing surgical accuracy. Its innovative use of C-arm and O-arm planning reduces unnecessary radiation exposure, making the procedures safer for both patients and operating room staff.
Moreover, the robot's capability to adjust to real-time patient positioning and its flexibility in accommodating both percutaneous and open surgeries make it a versatile choice for spinal procedures​

Apollo Procedures

  • Total Knee Arthroplasty

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