Rent/Lease a Used Surgical Robot


Choosing the right acquisition method for a used surgical robot—whether renting, leasing, or opting for a lease-to-own—can significantly impact your healthcare facility's operational efficiency and budget. Each option offers distinct benefits tailored to different needs. Discover which approach best aligns with your goals.

Renting a Used Surgical Robot

Renting a used da Vinci robot provides maximum flexibility, perfect for short-term needs such as specific projects or clinical trials. It allows facilities to access advanced robotic technology temporarily without a long-term commitment.

  • Short-Term Use: Ideal for temporary needs, avoiding long-term financial commitments.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces upfront costs, offering a budget-friendly solution to access advanced technology.
  • Immediate Integration: Enables quick deployment in your facility, bypassing long procurement processes.

Leasing a Used Surgical Robot

Leasing is suitable for longer-term use without the full costs of ownership. This option is excellent for practices anticipating gradual growth and not yet ready to purchase.

  • Manageable Payments: Budget more effectively with fixed monthly payments.
  • Flexible Terms: Tailor the lease duration to your facility's needs, with options to renew or upgrade.
  • Continuous Access: Maintain operations with top-tier technology throughout the lease term.

Lease to Own a Used Surgical Robot

A lease-to-own arrangement offers a pathway to ownership, allowing facilities to eventually own the robot after the lease term. This option is designed for facilities planning long-term expansion but prefer spreading out the expense.

  • Eventual Ownership: Conclude the leasing period by owning a critical asset.
  • Financial Flexibility: Enjoy the benefits of leasing with the added advantage of investment towards ownership.
  • Long-Term Planning: Support your facility’s growth strategy by investing in enduring technology.

Why Choose a Pre-Owned da Vinci Robot?

Opting for a used surgical robot like the da Vinci offers significant cost savings and proven performance. Whether you rent, lease, or lease to own, you benefit from:

  • Lower Costs: Acquire leading technology at a fraction of the cost of new models.
  • Proven Technology: Depend on a robot known for its precision and reliability in surgeries.
  • Sustainability: Promote environmental sustainability by extending the lifecycle of existing technology.

Enhance your surgical capabilities through a flexible and economical acquisition strategy. Rent for flexibility, lease for stability, or lease to own for a strategic investment in your facility’s future. A used da Vinci robot is a smart choice, delivering advanced technology tailored to your financial and operational needs.

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Makes and Models:

  • Intuitive Surgical da Vinci S
  • Intuitive Surgical da Vinci Si
  • Intuitive Surgical da Vinci Xi
  • Intuitive Surgical da Vinci SP
  • Intuitive Surgical da Vinci 5
  • Medtronic Hugo RAS
  • Moon Surgical Maestro
  • Asensus Surgical Senhance
  • CMR Surgical Versius
  • Noah Medical Galaxy
  • Intuitive Surgical Ion
  • Johnson & Johnson Monarch
  • Zimmer Biomet ROSA
  • Brainlab Cirq
  • Globus Medical ExcelsiusGPS
  • Renishaw Neuromate
  • Zimmer Biomet Rosa ONE
  • Medtronic Stealthstation S8
  • Smith & Nephew CORI Stryker Mako

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