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The MONARCH Platform, developed by Johnson & Johnson, revolutionizes bronchoscopy and urological procedures with its advanced capabilities. Employing precise sub-millimeter adjustments via a handheld-style controller, it ensures stability during biopsy by maintaining the scope tip position. This platform employs various sensing modalities, including computer vision and electromagnetic technology, to adapt in real time to intraoperative changes, facilitating identification of small airways and target localization. Unlike conventional methods that may suffer from limited or absent vision, the MONARCH Platform provides continuous visual guidance throughout the procedure, enhancing the accuracy and efficacy of biopsies.

A distinctive feature of the MONARCH Platform is its compatibility with leading advanced intraoperative imaging systems, such as fixed-gantry or mobile interventional CBCT and mobile CT imaging systems. Procedure planning is seamlessly executed on the MONARCH Tower or MONARCH Planning Laptop, where patient CT scans are uploaded directly from PACS or physical media to create a precise path to the target nodule. As the first flexible robotic platform cleared for bronchoscopy and urology procedures, the MONARCH Platform signifies a paradigm shift in treatment approaches, promising improved patient outcomes.

In the realm of urology, the MONARCH Platform excels in kidney procedures, offering urologists unprecedented control and precision. Utilizing a handheld controller, it facilitates access, clearance, and control in both ureteroscopic and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedures. Notably, the platform employs a novel EM targeting system, affording urologists more accurate access to the kidney. By reducing retreatment and complication rates, the MONARCH Platform seeks to redefine the landscape of kidney stone removal, offering a promising solution to a prevalent medical concern. This groundbreaking technology represents a pivotal advancement in urological care, promising to enhance outcomes for countless patients in need.

Source: Johnson & Johnson


  • Deep periphery lung examination
  • Biopsy procedures with precise bronchoscope tip control
  • Stability maintenance during biopsy
  • Ureteroscopic procedures
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedures
  • Access, clearance, and control within the kidney

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