Shipping surgical robots requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that they arrive at their destination undamaged. We can help manage the whole process, including:
  • Choosing a reliable carrier
  • How to package your robot
  • Choosing the right shipping method
  • Consulting on paperwork, such as customs declarations and permits

For further questions about shipping surgical robots, instruments, parts, or accessories, please email us at


We’ll help you through the process of buying or selling a surgical robot, no matter what the condition. R2 Surgical offers several pathways to purchasing and selling your robot.


  • Leasing
  • Cash offers

  • Functional robots
  • Broken robots


R2 Surgical’s robot support options are designed to equip and empower your hospital’s engineering and surgical staff to effectively troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve robot-related issues. R2 Surgical will also train your surgical staff on how to properly diagnose issues and perform sterilization.

Our support programs are customizable according to your needs and may include:
  • Robot Exchange Program (see below)
  • Maintenance tool kit
  • Camera and endoscope replacement
  • Skills Simulator Exchange Program
  • Phone/Zoom Support
  • Email Support
  • Training expertise for biomedical engineers
  • Training expertise for sterilization
  • Training expertise for CSR


Robot Exchange Program
What happens when your robot cannot be fixed? R2 Surgical will replace the broken console (node) with one that is functional.

  • If the node cannot be repaired, we’ll ship you a replacement and take your node in exchange.
  • The customer is responsible for placing the broken node into the crate the functional node arrives in.
  • The defective node will need to be sent back to R2 Surgical.
  • Before the replacement node is shipped to the customer, the full purchase price of the audit program must be paid. The customer may use an escrow service in the USA if they wish.
  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs for the functional node coming from the USA and for their own broken node to be shipped to the USA.
  • The customer is responsible for any declaration, import/export fees and taxes.
  • The decision to replace a node will be made by R2 Surgical only after it is determined that the node cannot be repaired.