Used Brainlab Cirq For Sale

Neuro / Spinal / Cranial

Key features

  • Modular Design
    Cirq is a compact, portable robotic arm that can be equipped with various modules tailored to specific surgical tasks.
  • Precision Alignment
    Offers precise guidance for instrument placement, improving accuracy in procedures like screw placement in spine surgeries or electrode insertion in neurosurgeries.
  • Integrated Navigation
    Works seamlessly with Brainlab navigation systems to enhance surgical planning and execution.
  • Versatile Functionality
    Can be used in a variety of surgical applications, including spine, cranial, and orthopedic surgeries, making it highly adaptable to different surgical needs.
  • Compact and Portable
    Designed to easily fit into any operating room setting without the need for extensive setup changes.
The SSi Mantra Surgical Robotic System, used by SS Innovations, is a standout in the field of surgical robotics, known for its modular arm configuration and advanced 3D 4K visualization that supports a wide range of surgical procedures. Its ergonomic design and open console setup ensure comfort and precision, enhancing safety and efficiency in the operating room.
Notably, the SSi Mantra has demonstrated capabilities in telesurgery, highlighting its potential for remote applications. Clinically validated for diverse procedures, this system supports multi-specialty surgical needs, making it a valuable tool in modern surgical environments​.

Brainlab Cirq

  • Neuroendoscopy: Supports minimally invasive procedures within the ventricles or other brain cavities.
  • Cranial Biopsies: Enhances precision in the removal of brain tissue samples for diagnostic purposes.
  • Stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG): Facilitates the accurate placement of electrodes for epilepsy monitoring.
  • Spinal Instrumentation: Assists in the precise placement of screws during spine surgeries.

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R2 Surgical is a global supplier of surgical robots, instruments, parts, and accessories. In addition to providing new models, we promote affordability and sustainability in healthcare by offering a range of options including refurbished and used robots. Our refurbished models undergo testing and restoration to ensure they meet the highest quality standards, enabling healthcare facilities to access cost-effective alternatives that do not compromise on precision or performance.

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