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We Believe...

In Reselling

We believe in reselling of surgical robotic systems that are normally cost prohibitive for a fraction of the price, thus helping medical institutions all over the world who otherwise could not afford this equipment gain access to it.

In Purpose

We believe that excess and secondary surgical robots have a legitimate place in the market and should live in facilities and institutions where they can make a difference, not in landfills or storage warehouses.

In Cooperation

We believe the relationship we have with our clients shouldn’t end when the sale is made. We have the resources and expertise to provide ongoing support, including robot replacement, to ensure that our clients get the most out of their investments.

What We Source And Sell





Our Clients

  • Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) with minimally invasive surgery robotics programs
  • Research and Development companies
  • Academia (including Veterinary medicine programs)
  • Online resellers who have a robotic need to fulfill
  • Financing companies who need to sell robots previously owned by their clients

Our Support


Check these out before you reach out.

Is it safe to buy a used surgical robot?


Buying a used surgical robot can be safe, especially when purchased from a reputable provider like R2 Surgical, which specializes in refurbished surgical robots that meet rigorous quality standards.

R2 Surgical ensures each robot undergoes a thorough refurbishment process, including comprehensive assessments of hardware and software, component evaluations for wear and potential issues with subsequent repairs or replacements as needed, and precise calibration and extensive testing to ensure performance and accuracy.

Each robot is also subject to rigorous visual inspections, functional testing of all components, and exhaustive safety checks to ensure all safety features and emergency mechanisms are fully operational.

Additionally, the entire refurbishment process adheres to strict regulatory compliance, making refurbished robots from R2 Surgical a reliable, cost-effective option that offers advanced technological capabilities at a reduced cost.

Is it safe to buy used surgical robotic instruments?


Buying used surgical robotic instruments can indeed be safe when sourced from a trusted provider like R2 Surgical, which offers used instruments like the da Vinci Si monopolar curved scissors.

R2 Surgical addresses concerns regarding quality and functionality by implementing stringent quality checks that ensure all used instruments meet industry benchmarks for safety and performance.

We provide a variety of both new and used instruments, catering to the diverse needs of medical professionals and offering cost-effective solutions.

Our team’s expertise and reliability further guarantee that each instrument, even when used, performs as expected. Additionally, R2 Surgical promotes sustainability through their instrument reposables program, maintaining instruments to maximize their lifecycle while minimizing environmental impact.

This approach not only extends the functionality of the instruments but also supports environmental sustainability in healthcare. Thus, purchasing used surgical robotic instruments from R2 Surgical is a safe, reliable, and eco-conscious choice.

Does R2 Surgical offer support options for my da Vinci Si, X, or Xi robot?

Yes, R2 Surgical does offer support options for the da Vinci Si surgical robot, though we do not provide full support for the newer X and Xi models.

For the Si model, R2 Surgical provides comprehensive support designed to enable hospital engineering and surgical staff to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues with the robot. This support includes training for surgical staff on diagnosis and sterilization procedures.

R2 Surgical's customizable support programs may include a maintenance tool kit, camera and endoscope replacement, a Skills Simulator Exchange Program, and various forms of communication support such as phone/Zoom calls and email.

Additionally, we offer specialized training for biomedical engineers, sterilization processes, and CSR, as well as proctoring services, ensuring a broad and adaptable support structure to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities.

Are consultations free?

Yes. Consultations are always free. Here's how they work:

  • Initial Contact: Reach out via our website, email, or phone to schedule your free consultation.
  • Needs Assessment: We'll discuss your requirements, challenges, and any specifics related to the used surgical robots and instruments you're interested in.
  • Detailed Information Gathering: Based on our discussion, we may request further details or documentation to comprehensively address your needs, such as technical specifications or previous usage data.
  • Follow-Up: We schedule follow-ups to refine the approach based on your feedback and any new information, maintaining an open line for further queries.
  • Ongoing Support: Our team remains available to provide continued guidance and support, ensuring a thorough and responsive consulting experience tailored to your needs with used surgical robots and instruments.
I live in a remote area of the world. Can you still ship a robot to me?


We can definitely ship a robot to you, even if you live in a remote area. Our team excels in coordinating shipping and logistics for used surgical robots and instruments worldwide.

We are experienced in navigating complex regulatory issues and customs processes specific to different regions, ensuring that we can deliver your equipment efficiently and compliantly.

We handle all aspects of the logistics chain, from securing safe transportation options to managing any necessary documentation and permits. Our expertise in these areas means that we can provide reliable delivery solutions, no matter the location.

How much is my da Vinci robot worth?

We'll help you figure out its value. More information here.

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