Intuitive Surgical, a pioneering force in surgical robotics, was founded in 1995 under the visionary leadership of Fred Moll, a notable figure in the medical entrepreneurship realm. The company's impact on the field of surgery has been monumental, driven by its introduction of cutting-edge robotic technology. A standout creation is the da Vinci Surgical System, a groundbreaking platform that received FDA clearance in 2000. This innovative system integrates robotic arms and a sophisticated 3D camera, empowering surgeons to execute intricate procedures with unmatched precision and visualization.

Intuitive Surgical's journey has been marked by several crucial milestones. By 2003, the company had already facilitated over 200,000 surgeries through the da Vinci Surgical System. Demonstrating their relentless commitment to innovation, the company launched the da Vinci Si and the da Vinci Xi in subsequent years, expanding the capabilities of their robotic-assisted platforms for a wider range of surgical interventions. Additionally, the introduction of the da Vinci X, with its enhanced features and improved functionality, further solidified the company's position at the forefront of surgical robotics. Furthermore, Intuitive Surgical's dedication to advancing surgical robotics is evident in developments like the da Vinci SP Surgical System, tailor-made for single-port surgeries, and the intuitive Surgical Ion endoluminal system, designed for minimally invasive biopsies and interventions.

Source: Intuitive Surgical

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