Meerecompany Incorporated is a leading manufacturing company headquartered in South Korea, specializing in the production of liquid crystal display (LCD) and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The company's diverse product portfolio encompasses a wide range of equipment tailored to meet the specific needs of the electronics and semiconductor industries.

One of Meerecompany's core product lines focuses on display equipment. These offerings include precision machinery such as panel grinders, glass grinders, edge profilers, and edge polishing machines. Additionally, the company manufactures inspection equipment, including edge inspection machines and surface scratch inspection machines, ensuring the highest quality standards in display production. Meerecompany's commitment to innovation is evident in its production of laser machines, such as laser trimmers, organic light emitting diodes (OLED) repair machines, bus line repair machines, and laser cutting machines. These machines are essential in the production of advanced display technologies.

In addition to their display equipment, Meerecompany also excels in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Their wafer sorters, designed for semiconductor back-end processes, play a crucial role in the semiconductor industry's production chain. Furthermore, the company offers solar cell manufacturing equipment, including state-of-the-art laser scribers for thin films and solar cell counters. Meerecompany's dedication to technological advancement extends beyond electronics, as they also provide surgical robots (namely, the Revo-i) and touch panels, further showcasing their commitment to innovation in various sectors.

With a strong foundation in South Korea and a global presence, Meerecompany Incorporated stands as a prominent player in the manufacturing industry. Their comprehensive product offerings and unwavering commitment to quality and innovation continue to make them a preferred choice for businesses seeking advanced LCD and semiconductor manufacturing solutions.


Source: Meerecompany

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