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Noah Medical, a medical robotics company founded in 2018, stands at the forefront of innovation in the field of healthcare technology. With a dedicated team exceeding 150 experts in varied disciplines such as medical device engineering, robotics, software development, clinical applications, and business leadership, Noah Medical draws talent from esteemed healthcare organizations across the globe. In close collaboration with leading interventional pulmonologists, the company's overarching objective is to revolutionize medical robotics by facilitating earlier diagnoses with heightened precision.

Central to Noah Medical's mission is the development of groundbreaking solutions that empower clinicians with unprecedented confidence in diagnosis. Anchored by the Galaxy System™, the company's flagship creation, Noah Medical endeavors to offer an unparalleled feature – tool-in-lesion confirmation. By equipping medical professionals with this innovative capability, the Galaxy System™ elevates patient care to new heights, prioritizing patient well-being above all.

Redefining Healthcare through Collaborative Excellence

Noah Medical's multifaceted team is comprised of seasoned engineers, innovators, and accomplished industry leaders. This assemblage boasts extensive experience culled from the ranks of world-renowned healthcare entities. Notable among them are industry giants such as Intuitive, Auris, Stryker, Verb Surgical, Mako, Think Surgical, Medrobotics, and Hansen.

Innovation Driven by Clinical Insight

Noah Medical's innovation journey finds its genesis in collaboration with leading Interventional Pulmonologists. This vital synergy between medical expertise and engineering ingenuity informs the design and creation of medical robotic solutions that chart new horizons in patient care. By enabling early diagnoses coupled with heightened diagnostic confidence, these solutions hold the potential to transform patient outcomes.

Robotic Navigated Bronchoscopy

Noah Medical's pioneering endeavors belie a resolute commitment to advancing robotic navigated bronchoscopy. The company's overarching goal is to extend diagnostic reach and enhance diagnostic yield, not only benefitting patients but also empowering physicians with cutting-edge tools. This commitment to excellence propels Noah Medical toward building a future where medical robotics drive early diagnoses and targeted treatments across diverse medical indications.


Pioneering Early Diagnoses and Treatments

Since its inception in 2018, Noah Medical has been a trailblazer in the realm of medical robotics. Its suite of medical robotic devices is designed to play a pivotal role in surgeries, diagnoses, and treatments. Operating within advanced clinical settings, these devices assume the critical role of facilitating early diagnoses and treatments. With its home in San Carlos, California, Noah Medical stands as a beacon of innovation poised to redefine the landscape of healthcare technology.

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