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    The Basics

    The Zimmer Biomet ROSA Hip System is an innovative and personalized robotic solution that provides direct anterior surgeons with valuable real-time insights and guidance during surgical procedures. Through this advanced technology, surgeons can evaluate and execute surgical plans based on the patient's unique anatomy and receive instant feedback to enhance their decision-making.

    Revolutionizing Surgical Precision

    By seamlessly integrating ZBEdge™ Dynamic Intelligence™ integrated technologies with the clinical heritage of Zimmer Biomet's implant systems, the ROSA Hip System is ushering in a new standard of surgical precision and patient care. It addresses a critical concern in orthopedic surgery by focusing on hip dislocation prevention, a primary factor in revision surgeries following primary total hip arthroplasty.

    Optimizing Implantation Techniques

    The ROSA Hip System employs advanced technologies that assist in component implantation, aiming to reduce the occurrence of outlying positions and associated risks, such as dislocation. The system works harmoniously with a surgeon's existing direct anterior workflow, ensuring streamlined and efficient surgical procedures. Notably, it mirrors the fluoroscopy-based workflow, eliminating the need for additional setup procedures involving pins, reference arrays, or cameras. Moreover, it offers compatibility with flat panel detectors and image intensifiers.

    Comprehensive Orthopedic Solutions

    The ROSA Hip System synergizes seamlessly with the Avenir Complete® Hip System and G7® Acetabular System, reflecting Zimmer Biomet's commitment to holistic patient care. From implants to instruments, surgical systems to support services, every product within the Zimmer Biomet portfolio is meticulously crafted to cater to individual patient needs.

    Enhancing Surgical Accuracy

    The Avenir Complete® Hip System and G7® Acetabular System comprise an all-encompassing range of stems, shells, liners (including Dual Mobility), and simplified instrumentation. These systems are designed to address specific patient requirements, streamline surgical workflows, and optimize hospital and operating room efficiencies.

    Guided Precision and Reproducibility

    ROSARobot provides invaluable guidance in achieving accurate acetabular component orientation and leg length. Clinical evidence underscores the superiority of ROSA Hip in terms of component positioning accuracy and reproducibility compared to conventional methods. The system's real-time intra-operative data aids surgeons in making well-informed decisions regarding leg length and offset.

    Advancing Surgical Planning

    The ROSA Hip System seamlessly integrates with the ONE Planner™ Hip, a user-friendly web-based surgical software. It automates landmarking and overlay tools, eliminating manual efforts and streamlining procedures. Virtual case planning is facilitated through the intuitive ONE Planner Hip, ensuring accurate pre-operative plans are instantly accessible via the ROSA Hip user interface.

    Innovative Trial Panel

    The ONE Matrix™ Hip, a trial panel within the system, evaluates the most suitable implant combinations based on leg length and offset. Importantly, this system negates the need for pins, reference arrays, and CT scans.

    Embracing Data-Driven Excellence

    The Zimmer Biomet ROSA Hip System, a cornerstone of ZBEdge™ Dynamic Intelligence™, is a central element in Zimmer Biomet's vision of comprehensive orthopedic care guided by data-driven insights.

    Unlocking the Potential of Dynamic Intelligence

    ZBEdge is Dynamic Intelligence in action, propelling Zimmer Biomet's cutting-edge digital technologies, robotics, and implant solutions to new heights, ultimately benefiting both surgeons and patients alike.



    • Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA)
    • Direct Anterior Approach THA
    • Preoperative Planning and Simulation
    • Component Positioning Guidance
    • Leg Length and Offset Evaluation

    Source: Zimmer Biomet


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