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    The Basics

    The Senhance Surgical Robot, developed by Asensus Surgical stands as a premier digital laparoscopic platform, offering comprehensive solutions that transcend the boundaries of conventional robotic systems. 

    Elevating Surgical Economies: Redefining Possibilities

    The Senhance Surgical Robot surpasses the economic constraints that have often hindered the widespread adoption of robotic systems. Central to this transformation is its use of standard reusable instruments and an open-platform architecture strategy. This strategic approach empowers hospitals to optimize their existing technological investments, effectively removing the barriers of time and cost-per-procedure. By maintaining a cost structure comparable to manual laparoscopy, the Senhance system ensures that the advantages of robotics extend their reach to a broader spectrum of patients, across diverse care settings, and encompassing an extensive array of procedures.

    Unleashing Precise Surgical Mastery

    The Senhance Surgical Robot embodies precision, placing control at your fingertips. The system's design was crafted to empower hospitals and surgeons within the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare. A commitment to value-driven healthcare sets the Senhance® system apart, breaking free from the confines of traditional value-based care models.

    Leveraging Control 

    At the heart of the Senhance Surgical Robot lies an unparalleled mastery over laparoscopic procedures. The incorporation of haptic feedback within the platform enriches a surgeon's sensory experience, providing real-time alerts in response to tension and pressure thresholds. Standard reusable instruments further reinforce the system's adherence to traditional laparoscopic costs, ensuring an economical approach without compromise.

    Ergonomic Excellence

    The Senhance Surgical Robot redefines comfort and precision within the operating room. Surgeons are granted the privilege of maintaining an ergonomic seated position throughout procedures. The introduction of a digital fulcrum introduces a dynamic virtual pivot point, potentially minimizing incision trauma and optimizing patient outcomes. The integration of eye-tracking camera control revolutionizes the surgeon's perspective, enabling seamless control through intuitive eye movements.

    Visual Intelligence

    Unveiling a three-dimensional high-definition visualization, the Senhance introduces a new dimension of surgical insight. Surgeons are equipped with unparalleled intelligence concerning organ depth and spatial relationships, further enhancing decision-making capabilities during procedures. 

    Orchestrating Operating Room Efficiency

    Streamlining efficiency in the operating room, the Senhance pioneers a new era of surgical practice. With no direct patient docking required and minimal docking time, seamless adaptability becomes the hallmark of this system. The system's compatibility with standard reusable instruments preserves cost equilibrium comparable to traditional laparoscopic procedures. This is augmented by an open-platform architecture, seamlessly integrating with existing operating room technologies.

    Control at Your Fingertips

    Empowering surgeons to oversee their visualizations, the Senhance Surgical Robot eliminates the need for verbal directions to surgical assistants. The integration of eye-tracking camera control liberates surgical staff, allowing them to engage in other in-room activities without compromise. Thus, the Senhance system emerges as a definitive force behind refining control and reducing variability.

    Addressing Workforce Challenges

    The system's robotic-assisted arms alleviate the burden of maintaining awkward instrument positions and static stances, promoting surgeon comfort and concentration. Augmented by haptic feedback, the system bestows surgeons with peace of mind, channeling focus into the intricacies of the procedure at hand.

    The Senhance Surgical Robot by Asensus Surgical ushers in a new dawn of surgical precision, efficiency, and control. With its groundbreaking technology, commitment to economic viability, and unwavering dedication to advancing the art of surgery, the Senhance system stands as a testament to the convergence of science and innovation. 



    • Cholecystectomy
    • Appendectomy
    • Hernia Repair
    • Spleen Removal (Splenectomy)
    • Colorectal Procedures
    • Hysterectomy
    • Myomectomy
    • Oophorectomy (Ovary Removal)
    • Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment
    • Prostatectomy
    • Partial Nephrectomy
    • Pyeloplasty (Kidney Reconstruction)
    • Ureteral Reimplantation
    • Gastric Bypass
    • Sleeve Gastrectomy
    • Adjustable Gastric Banding
    • Lobectomy (Lung Removal)
    • Thymectomy
    • Esophagectomy
    • Pediatric Appendectomy
    • Pediatric Cholecystectomy
    • Pediatric Intestinal Procedures
    • Colectomy
    • Gastrectomy
    • Small Bowel Resection
    • Liver Resection
    • Choledocholithotomy (Common Bile Duct Stone Removal)
    • Lymph Node Dissection
    • Tumor Resections

     Source: Asensus Surgical


    How R2 Surgical Can Help

    R2 Surgical is a global supplier of surgical robots, instruments, parts, and accessories. In addition to providing new models, we promote affordability and sustainability in healthcare by offering a range of options including refurbished and used robots. Our refurbished models undergo testing and restoration to ensure they meet the highest quality standards, enabling healthcare facilities to access cost-effective alternatives that do not compromise on precision or performance. At R2 Surgical, we believe that everyone should have access to the latest medical advancements, and our commitment to offering refurbished and used da Vinci Surgical System models underscores this mission.


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