Corin Apollo Robot


Key features

  • Pre-Resection Robotic Knee Balancing
    ApolloKnee utilizes robotic technology to achieve a personalized dynamic balance for each patient before bone resection, enhancing surgical precision.
  • Gesture-Controlled Workflow
    Offers surgeons an intuitive, gesture-controlled interface that increases control and efficiency during operations.
  • Autonomous Planning
    Allows for autonomous planning tailored to individual surgeon preferences, facilitating a customized approach to joint alignment and placement.
  • Advanced Cutting System
    Equipped for both femoral and tibial cuts, providing precise and controlled bone resections.
  • Compact Design with Multi-Application Capabilities
    The system's compact design is suitable for various surgical applications, making it versatile within the operating theater.
The Corin Apollo surgical robot, used in orthopedic procedures, incorporates several advanced features that significantly enhance the efficiency and outcomes of surgeries. Notable for its pre-resection robotic knee balancing, the system ensures each patient receives a personalized surgical experience, optimizing joint stability and alignment. The gesture-controlled workflow and autonomous planning capabilities offer surgeons unprecedented control and adaptability during procedures.
Additionally, its advanced cutting system and compact design allow for precise operations across multiple surgical applications, highlighting its utility in modern surgical settings​

Apollo Procedures

  • Total Knee Arthroplasty

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