Corin Omni Robot


Key features

  • Robotic-Assisted Ligament Tensioning
    The Omni robotic system uses advanced robotics to predict and achieve optimal post-operative gap balance, enhancing the precision of knee joint stability after surgery.
  • Robotic Guide Positioning
    Ensures more efficient and accurate femoral cuts, surpassing the capabilities of conventional cut blocks.
  • OMNIBotics Bone Morphing TM 3D Modelling
    This intraoperative technology generates a 3D model of the patient's bones without the need for pre-operative CT or MRI scans, streamlining the surgical process.
  • Predictive Balance TM Technique
    Utilizes real-time feedback to adjust implant positioning dynamically during surgery, improving outcomes by predicting ligament tension and joint stability.
  • Compact and Efficient Design
    The system's design is optimized for the operating theater, featuring a small footprint and ease of mobility, which supports multiple uses in different surgical settings throughout the day.
The Corin Omni surgical robot, employed widely in total knee arthroplasty, stands out for its integration of robotic-assisted ligament tensioning and guide positioning which significantly enhance surgical accuracy and efficiency. The OMNIBotics Bone Morphing™ technology and Predictive Balance™ technique allow for precise, patient-specific implant alignment without the need for invasive pre-operative imaging.
Additionally, its compact design facilitates easy integration into various operating environments, making it a preferred choice for orthopedic surgeons aiming for high-quality, predictable outcomes in knee surgeries​

Omni Procedures

  • Knee replacements

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