Medicaroid Hinotori Robot


Key features

  • Advanced Arm Movement
    Features eight-axis operation arms that replicate human-like movements, reducing interference with other arms or surgical assistants.
  • Docking-Free Setup
    Utilizes a software-defined pivot point for instrument support, eliminating the need for physical docking with trocars, which enhances operational flexibility.
  • High-Definition 3D Imaging
    Equipped with a vibrant high-definition 3D vision system, it provides surgeons with detailed visuals to assist in precise surgeries.
  • Ergonomic Design
    The surgeon cockpit is ergonomically designed to suit various surgeon postures, reducing physical strain during procedures.
  • Compact and Open Operating Space
    The unique compact design of the operation arms offers a wide and accessible operating space, enhancing the surgeon's productivity and ease of movement during procedures.
The Medicaroid Hinotori surgical robot is recognized for its innovative features that enhance surgical precision and comfort. It employs eight-axis robotic arms that mimic human arm movements, providing smooth and less obstructive operation, crucial for complex surgical tasks. Its docking-free design and advanced 3D imaging system support precise and efficient surgical procedures.
Additionally, the ergonomic design of the surgeon cockpit and the system's overall compact footprint ensure comfort and ease of use, making the Hinotori a leading choice in modern surgical environments. These features collectively contribute to the system's effectiveness in facilitating minimally invasive surgeries with improved outcomes.

Hinotori Procedures

  • Lobectomies
  • Thymectomies

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